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Matthew Mooney

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Matt came to Canada in 1972.  After getting a job with MacMillan Bloedel in Juskatla, he moved his family to the then Queen Charlotte Islands, now Haida Gwaii.  It was there that he would start competing in logger sports.


Matt enjoyed the Port Clements and Sandspit competitions.  They were small community events and were always a lot of fun.  So much so that even after moving to Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, he would still travel back with his family to compete in Sandspit.


Once on Vancouver Island, Matt started competing more.  While Matt’s wife, Eileen, never competed she was always his biggest cheerleader.  For a couple of years his oldest daughter, Tracey, competed with him but it was his youngest daughter, Sarah, who really took to the sport with her Dad.  Matt, Eileen and Sarah would spend every summer travelling around BC and into Alberta.


Matt has many times been a champion in Hot Saw, Single Buck, Double Buck, Jack & Jill and Axe Throw.  He was well known for his single-handed axe-throwing style and was always in demand for working on saws and sharpening those competitive chains.


Eventually, Matt took over organizing Ukee Days Logger Sports competition.  For many years it was a popular CANLOG show that was always well attended by both Canadian and International competitors.  


Although he is now retired from the sport he loves, he still enjoys attending the shows and cheering on his daughters and granddaughter.  Logger sports is a big extended family, and Matt has made many lifelong friends through this sport.  


Written by: Tracey Littleton

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