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Event Descriptions

Each show center has its own autonomy regarding which events and divisions they offer. There are many events to choose from; some show centres have preferred events, and some show centres are limited by the size of their competition area, but either way, there are many different events to choose from. 

Below are typical events that are held at Canadian Logger Sports shows:

  • Chopping Events

  • Sawing Events

  • Power saving

  • Birling

  • Tree Climbing

Events are divided into categories: Men and Ladies; however, a female competitor can enter the male event if that event is not offered in their category.


There are three divisions in the men’s category, which you move up depending on your ability and success: novice, Intermediate, and Open. To advance to the next division in a single event, you must win that event three times. Competitors can be classed in different divisions for different events, allowing everyone to compete against the right skill set. 


For female competitors, there are two divisions: Novice and Open. The Novice division was created in 2018 to handle the increase of female competitors. The process is the same: start in Novice and work your way up in divisions.


Each show centre provides a registration form showing the events, divisions and categories offered at that show, as well as any other pertinent information regarding the competition. 

While most of us are familiar with the events held nowadays, do you remember these…

Molly Hogan

A Molly is a strand of line wrapped around in the lay of the strands a number of times to form a circle.  In the woods, they are used in an emergency or temporarily on straw lines and running lines until proper connecting devices can be obtained.


On the word go, competitors would pick up a ¾” line and race to complete a Molly that matched an illustration that would be posted at the Judge’s stand. The fastest time would win.  Judges could use their discretion as to neatness and size.

Nail Drive

Competitors would be given a number of nails and a hammer.  On the word go, all nails would have to be completely hammered straight in and timing would stop when the hammer was put down.  There was a lot of time spent straightening nails and missing your hits but it was always fun.

Rolling Pin Toss

Contestants would stand 20’ from a dummy with a metal hard hat.  They were given 3 rolling pins to toss.  They would score 2 points for knocking the hat off or 1 point for just hitting the hat.  Highest score would win and if there were a tie, it would be broken using one throw. 

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