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Axe Throw

Scored Event

The competitor stands 20 feet away from the axe target. In order for the competitor to receive points for their throw, the axe must stick in the target from it’s leading edge. Each competitor gets 1 practice throw and then 3 throws that count for points. How this event is scored is based on where the axe lands. In the center, the bulls-eye, is worth 5 points, each ring out after that is worth 1 less point.


Underhand Chop

Timed Event

Competitors stand on a horizontal log. They must cut the log in half from both sides. The time ends for this event once the block is completely severed. While this is primarily a timed event if a competitor cuts into the foothold at all it will result in disqualification.

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Standing Chop

Timed Event

Competitors stand to a block that is standing vertically, simulating cutting down a tree. They must chop the block in half from both sides.


Springboard Chop

Timed Event

This event is similar to the standing chop. However, competitors chop pockets into the tree to place their boards in. This allows them to move up the pole, giving them a platform to stand, to chop the standing block at the top of the pole.


Stock Saw

Quality and Timed Event

The saws are supplied which creates an even playing field for competitors. The competitor must have all fingers across the top of the log. Time starts when the announcer says “go” at which point the competitor reaches down for the saw and typically makes one down cut. The time stops once the disc is severed. The disc must be 1 ½ “ or less to qualify as a clean cut. If there isn’t a complete disc on the ground that also results in a disqualification.

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Hot Saw- 100cc, 140cc, and Unlimited

Quality and Timed Event

There are different classes for a hot saw event. Unlike the stock saw, where the saws are provided, competitors have customized saws and chains. Competitors must have their hands on the top of the log before go. On go, the competitor starts the saw and begins their cut. Depending on the event and show the competitor will either do 2 or 3 cuts, within a specified width. Failing to do so or having an incomplete disc will result in disqualification.


Grand Praire Accuracy Cut

Quality and Timed Event

The competitor begins by standing next to a small log that is horizontal, hands on top of the log. On go, the competitor reaches for their saw and starts it. They first make 4 discs between 4”-6”. From there, they make a V-notch that is minimum 3” wide and halfway through the log. That notch will then be cut off in a length between 18”-24”. With the remaining wood, they make a ledge. They stop the saw and gather all the pieces they cut and stack it on the ledge. Time stops when the competitor yells time. If any of the cuts don’t fit within the measurements, or falls within 3 seconds after time is called, the competitor is disqualified.


Obstacle Pole

Quality and Timed Event

Competitors start on the ground with one hand on the end of the log. On “go” the competitors pick up their chain saw and run around to the end of the log, and run up to the other end. Once they have made it to the top they can start their saw and make a cut. After that, they run back the way they came and touch the end of the log to stop the time. The disc must be complete and within a certain width to qualify.

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Single Buck

Timed Event

The competitor will saw through a block using a single person crosscut saw. While this is a solo event, the competitor may have someone else there to wedge and oil to provide some assistance. Time ends when the disc is clearly severed. If the competitor cuts an incomplete disk, they are disqualified.

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Double Buck | Jack & Jill | Jill & Jill

Timed Event

This time the competitor gets to have a teammate to help them with the cut. The team combination determines the event. Two male partners, two females or one male and one female. Regardless, the rules remain the same. Competitors must cut through the block and the time will end when the disc is fully severed.


Tree Climbing

Timed Event

Competitors will climb up a pole until they reach a certain height, depending on their skill level. It varies from 60 to 80 feet. For newer competitors, time will stop once they hit the top mark. For the more experienced competitors,  they race on their way up and down the tree, only touching the tree a few times before hitting the crash mat  at the bottom and at that point, time will stop.


Pole Falling

Quality and Timed Event

Competitors need to fall their pole as quickly and as accurately as they can. There is a mark on the ground that the competitors aim to hit with their falling pole. The competitors begin with saws off and on the ground. On go they start their chain saws and begin their cuts. Time ends when the pole hits the ground. A time penalty is given based on how far the pole fell from the mark. 

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Scored Event

Competitors run forwards and backwards on a log, trying to make their opponent fall. The winner is the competitor that is left on the log. The winner is determined by the best of three rounds and the event is setup as a double elimination tournament bracket.


Choker Race

Timed Event

The competitors run through an obstacle course which can consist of crossing ponds on logs, leaping over stumps, all while dragging a choker. The competitor needs to set the choker around a stump (feeding one end of the choker through the bell) and return to the start of the race. The obstacle course is run against one other opponent.


Kettle Boil

Timed Event

Teams of two aim to boil a can of soapy water as quickly as possible. Each team is given a piece of cedar wood. One team member is in charge of splitting the wood, while the other is in charge of lighting and building the fire. Every team is allocated three matches and gets a penalty for every extra match they need to start the fire. 

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