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Canadian Loggers' Sports

The Canadian Loggers' Sports Association, or CANLOG for short is a non-profit organization that is based primarily in British Columbia. We are dedicated to supporting the development of logger sports competitions and skill sets. 


To this day, members of CANLOG continue to display historical logging techniques through sport. In 1971 by an Order in Council logger sports was recognized as the Official Industrial Sport of British Columbia.


Over the years, a comprehensive rule book has been developed to aid the progression of the sport. As well as keeping everyone safe while they compete. 


Competitors have come across all over Canada and we have had several international competitors coming from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Germany and other European countries.

2024 Board of Executives

President: Dawn Briscoe,

Vice-President: Meghan Hall,

Treasurer: Jana Hewitt,

Secretary: Sharlaine Berry,

Roaming Rep: Nick Hall,

Island Rep: Sarah Mooney,

Interior Rep: Sharman Prior,

Social Media Coordinator: Tracey Littleton,


The history of loggers' sports in Canada goes back over a century when loggers would spend evenings and weekends around camp testing their skills against one another throwing axes, sawing and chopping timber. This evolved into organized competitions and through the fifties and sixties several smaller organizations popped up across the country. Those smaller organizations amalgamated in order to form The Canadian Loggers' Sports Association in 1969. 


Over the years, we have sent logger sports teams to Australia, Europe, and the United States to compete. 

Want to read about key people who have had a lasting impact on the CANLOG community? Visit our legends of logger sports and lifetime member pages!

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