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Jean Boyko

Jean was introduced to logger's sports by following her husband to the many programs that they attended. During this she found that she could do as good as the other female competitors. One of her particular assets were in the hand sawing events. She was sought after by many male competitors needing a competent partner in the jack and jill events. She has sawn with top competitors at the many shows that they attended. At one time she was on the winning team that won the Jill and Jill sawing event in Squamish for eight years in a row.

Axe throwing became her best event for years. She changed axe heads and handles until she got the right combination. Winning the ladies world championship five times, several Canadian championships and runner up countless other times.

Jean was responsible for many changes for the betterment and expediency of competitors entries, scores and placings. These changes that she made are still followed in many programs today.At many show centers she would gladly assist new persons and committees on proper procedures and tabulations of respective placings.She has trained her family members and many other male and female competitors in some of the winning techniques.

In 1974, Jean and Mavis Wickheim introduced ladies axe throwing in Australia while on an Axemans tour there.

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