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Bob Bosworth


My dad started competing on the University of Montana's woodman's team in the early 1960's. His first competition in BC was in Courtenay  in 1967 or 68. His favorite event was always the single buck and in later years when we began to saw together the double buck. He always took great pride in the fact that he learned to file crosscut saws from the great Martin Winters and always filed his own saws. He always looked forward to the PNE as well as Kelowna.  He also very much enjoyed shows in Celista, Crawford Bay, Kaslo, and Lardeau Lew days on Kootenay Lake. He won many single bucking competitions around BC and was very proud about winning the Double bucking Championships with me at Albany, OR, The PNE, and Squamish. He was also to win many axe throwing and Jack and Jill events. He was also very proud about making a trip to New Zealand and Australia to compete as well as a trip to Denmark to teach crosscut filing. The sport was always a family event as he enjoyed not only sawing with me but also my sister, my mom  and I. He always enjoyed coming to BC especially catching up with some of the greats such as Dick Herrling, Jube Wickheim, Alan Woodrow, Karl Bischoff, and Peter Holmquist.

Written by: Carson Bosworth

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