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Each year, CANLOG presents top competitor awards and two memorial awards at the AGM. The top competitor awards are distinguished by men's and ladies' rankings - novice, intermediate, and open. Each placing for a CANLOG event will reward the recipients with points. First place will receive 5 points, second will receive 3 points, third will receive 2 points, and fourth will receive 1 point. At the end of the season, the secretary will tally up all the points to see which competitors were the top competitors from that season.

We also give out a Sportsperson of the Year award. This award is based on anonymous votes from the current membership. We are proud to say that many names are mentioned each year.

The results below reflect the 2023 season's winners.

Overall Men's Novice 
Chase Gundersen
Overall Men's Intermediate
Tyler Brady
Untitled-3606 darker.jpg
Overall Men's
Dave MacLeod
Ciara Look PM 2023_edited.jpg
Overall Ladies
Ciara Looker
Overall Ladies
Dawn Briscoe
Sportsperson of the Year
Ryan Schmidt

For past results, please click on the buttons below to see which category, Men's or Ladies, you would like to see. Each page will the applicable divisions, going back to 2013.

Currently, CANLOG has two memorial trophies, the Shannon Herlihy Lady Sawyer of the Year and the Henry Gauvin Axe Throwing Champion.

Shannon Herlihy Memorial Top Lady Sawyer

Shannon Herlihy was a young competitor that left too soon. She was always happy and would light up a room or the logger sports field. She travelled to the shows with her family that she adored and was proud of. She tried her hand at several events, axe throw, double buck and jack and jill with her Dad, Brian Herlihy. While she was good at every event she tried she was known for sawing skills. 

At the end of each season, the points of all lady sawing events, single buck, double buck, and jack and jill, are tallied up. The overall female competitor is then awarded a trophy in memory of Shannon.

The 2023 recipient of this award is Dawn Briscoe. For the full list of recipients, please click HERE.

Henry Gauvin Memorial Axe Throwing Champion

Henry Gauvin was a working logger and a yarding engineer at Kokish, British Columbia. He joined the logger sports scene in the early 1970s. He competed in many events but excelled at axe throwing. He used an Iltis ox-head, with the tips extended to the full six inches, which the rules allowed. There were few competitors who were more consistent than him. One of his favourite tricks was placing a bottle cap in the centre of the bullseye and splitting it in half. When Henry passed away, his wife started the “Henry Gauvin Memorial” in honour of his axe-throwing skills.


Any competitor has the opportunity to win this award; they just have to receive the most points in axe throwing for the season.

The 2023 recipient of this award is Sarah Mooney. For the full list of recipients, please click HERE.

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