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Show Center Membership

Benefits of being apart of CANLOG:

  • A show resource package, which contains information, templates, and contact information for CANLOG-recognized judges and other valuable roles

  • All show organizers/committees can be recipients of the CANLOG newsletter (if desired)

  • Custom email address (

  • That is accompanied by access to Google Suite

  • Website page - currently, we have a paragraph about your show on our website. If you would like to have a page dedicated to your show with more information, we can assist in creating that. This would be a direct link that you could use to communicate for sponsors support, community event planning, or competitor info.  The URL would be

  • CANLOG will handle all edits/updates that you provide

  • Advertisement of your event and important information (entry form deadlines) to our membership and the public via our newsletter, website, Facebook and Instagram

  • Copies of the current comprehensive CANLOG Rules & Regulations book

  • Administrative support (Marketing, sponsorship packages, entry forms etc.)

  • Equipment and additional safety gear (chopping guards, stock saws, chaps, etc.) are available for competitors to access during the competition. 

  • Rankings of competitors 

  • Competitor mailing lists

  • CANLOG corporate sponsorship funds

  • CANLOG field reps attend and support your event 

  • CANLOG points database from competition results to determine overall winners, both at the end of individual shows and cumulatively for year-end awards 

  • Opportunity to host individual Canadian Championship events, the venues of which are determined at the CANLOG AGM

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