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The history of loggers' sports in Canada goes back over a century when loggers would spend evenings and weekends around camp testing their skills against one another throwing axes, sawing and chopping timber. This evolved into organized competitions and through the fifties and sixties several smaller organizations popped up across the country. The Canadian Loggers' Sports Association was formed in 1969 from those smaller organizations. Over the years a comprehensive rule book has been developed and the sport has been and continues to be show cased from the grass roots level to the international stage. Some of our accomplishments include having loggers' sports recognized as the Official Industrial Sport of British Columbia in 1971 by an Order in Council, sending wood chopping teams to Australia, Europe and the United States to compete. 


Our primary base is in British Columbia but we have members from across the country, the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

There are key CANLOG members that have helped shape loggers' sports as we know it today. They are known as the Legends of Loggersports.

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